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American Virtual Academy℠ is a fully online, K-12 preparatory academy that offers a curriculum rooted in our nation’s founding principles while supporting student health and holistic wellbeing. Direct engagement with accomplished industry & academic leaders and real-world applications will be cornerstones of the student experience.

At American Virtual Academy℠, we cater to a wide variety of students all over the world and understand that each student is unique. Our online K-12 teachers and administrative staff are also here to do more than assign lessons and grade work. By combining passionate online facilitators with a flexible learning environment, we are able to provide the personalized educational experience that every student deserves. We embrace those students who need another option for their high school education!

Our Programs

American Virtual Academy℠ offers a unique learning environment for part-time, full-time, credit recovery and credit by exam students to enroll in our over 200 core curriculum, elective and AP courses at any time. We also connect with schools to offer special programs that complement and supplement their existing curriculum, and build partnerships with a variety of organizations and non-profit groups.

Why Students Choose Us:

  • Safe environment with core American values respected
  • Amazing, supportive teachers
  • Early graduation opportunities
  • Credit recovery
  • Individual courses to augment a student’s school-based curriculum
  • Coursework for alternative and at-risk students
  • AP courses and elective courses to support individual student needs

Our Mission

To provide an online K-12 educational experience, based in the American ideals of Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness, that prepares students to become healthy and prosperous citizens in the United States.

Our Vision

American Virtual Academy’s vision is to provide a comprehensive, personalized curriculum that has individual flexibility and encourages students to maximize their academic potential.

Our Goal

We want to be an accredited online school that students enjoy and are proud to attend. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive, personalized online curriculum that has individual flexibility and encourages students to maximize their academic potential. To achieve these high expectations, we are continually training our online facilitators and discovering new tools and programs that our will help our students succeed.

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