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It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Child’s Education

Fall 2023-24 enrollment is now open! Get an early start and reserve your spot!


Putting core American values back into a quality education





As each year goes by, America’s founding principles of democracy, free-markets, and individual liberties become less central to the educational experience.

We know parents are eager for educational choices outside of the public system, where they can trust their child is receiving a quality education without hidden agendas. American Virtual Academy℠ (AVA) is a private preparatory online school for grades K-12, dedicated to re-establishing core American values for a more robust, quality education. With experienced, highly qualified teachers who provide personalized support and a trusted award-winning curriculum, American Virtual Academy℠ (AVA) offers an education made for your family.

A traditional online education to fit your lifestyle—and core beliefs

At American Virtual Academy℠ (AVA), we understand our students have busy lives outside of school, which is why our goal is to provide a much-needed balance between family, work, and education. With our affordable online courses, we make sure that we are accommodating the needs of our students around the world and encouraging them to learn in ways that fit into their everyday lives. By the time of graduation, our students have been provided with the resources and networking opportunities to empower them in their future careers.

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Those Seeking Flexibility

Enroll any day of the year. Progress through your courses as quickly or as slowly as you need. Have a project at work that requires all your attention? Not feeling well and can’t get out of bed? That’s OK! You no longer have to worry about missing a day of school, as your education will still be waiting for you when you’re ready. Whether your child is involved in church activities, sports or travels, they can attend your classes from the comfort of home or wherever there’s access to a computer and internet—on their schedule!


Rising Stars

Professional ballet dancer, Caleb Durbin, of The Houston Ballet, trusted American Virtual Academy℠ (AVA) for his online educational needs while pursuing his passion. Many students like Caleb are balancing education with doing what they love thanks to a more flexible, personalized education.

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Parents Seeking a “Back to Basics” Education

American Virtual Academy℠ (AVA) allows for more involvement in your student’s learning. We offer a curriculum rooted in this nation’s founding principles while supporting student health and holistic wellbeing. Direct engagement with accomplished industry & academic leaders and real-world applications will be cornerstones of the student experience.


A curriculum specifically designed for the student at every stage of learning

Whether your child has just begun their educational journey or they’re getting ready to graduate, American Virtual Academy℠ (AVA) has a curriculum designed specifically for them, filled with multimedia and interactive materials to engage them and help them grasp concepts.

Developed specifically for our students by StrongMind, our curriculum and technology partner, each course is rigorous, research based and contains captivating multimedia elements to help students build critical knowledge and skills and become college and career ready.